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         Addiction: Drugs

Advice on Addiction and Drugs

Impaired Judgment

My husband has a twofold addiction problem, drinking and drugs.  In the six years we have been married, he has had periods of sobriety, but they don't ever last.  I feel he has not confronted the underlying problem: he was molested as a child by a family member. 

He is currently in jail due to getting drunk and hitting a police car.  Before we met he had an arrest history for violent crime, but he was never violent with me.  He has a good core to him, as well as a feeling of worthlessness.  When things are good they are very good, and you know the rest of the saying.

Al-Anon does not appeal to me.  There are too many victims.  I will not bail him out or give him money.  He knows I feel he has to face the music.  Luckily I am financially able to take care of myself, but I wonder if this marriage can ever be saved.

I am nearing the end of my patience with him.  I refuse to allow him to make more excuses.  My feeling is you always have a choice in what action you take.  You do not have to be a drug addict.  I don't want to kick a man when he is down, but I'm very tired.

Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou, you are not kicking a man when he is down.  You have done nothing but try to help.  Now it is time to decide on your best course of action and what your life will be.

Sometimes helping someone, in the sense of protecting them from consequences, is exactly what they don't need.  Consequences are the only thing which will make them change, because they won't change until the worst that can happen, happens.

If you are drawn to individual counseling for yourself, then by all means do it.  It may offer you an opportunity to talk about how you got into a relationship with someone under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  How do you have a genuine relationship with someone who is chemically impaired?

No one can make your husband change until he is ready.  That may be long after he is out of your life.

Wayne & Tamara
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