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A book review of:

   The No-Cry Sleep Solution
           by Elizabeth Pantley

  Book Review Highlights:
  • A clear introduction to no-cry sleep techniques for newborns.
  • Explains difference between baby and adult sleep patterns.
  • Includes tips about sleep safety.

Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby
Sleep Through the Night

   Adults are regulated by an internal clock called the circadian rhythm.  This rhythm affects how we feel at each stage of the day.  It determines the natural schedule of our sleep and wakefulness, and it explains the mid-afternoon slump many of us feel, which is often followed by alertness which lasts through the evening.

   A baby’s pattern is not the same as an adult’s.  Babies are not born with adult circadian rhythms.  They have sleep-wake periods which cycle throughout the day and night, before eventually settling into a pattern of naps and nighttime sleep.

   A baby’s internal clock starts maturing at six to nine weeks, and settles into the familiar pattern four or five months later.  By nine or ten months, babies sleep longer and go to sleep about the same time each day. 

   The principal reason babies have a sleep cycle different from adults is that their task is different from adults.  Babies are designed to grow a brain and a body at an incredible rate in a short period of time.

   There are two ways parents can adjust to the sleep the cycle of their infant.  They can either let the newborn cry it out,  or they can attempt a no-cry solution.  In The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Elizabeth Pantley offers a valuable guide to the no-cry method. 

   Pantley divides her solutions in two parts: one for newborns, ages birth to four months, and one for babies from four months to two years.  She explains how to set a beneficial pattern to help your child’s development, and how to handle the stresses a newborn can create. 

   The The No-Cry Sleep Solution thoroughly covers all the basics: the facts of sleep, safety in sleep, sleep solutions, and sleep problems.  Elizabeth Pantley also acknowledges how much moms and children vary, and how each parent must arrive at the solution which works for them. 

   This book is a gentle, informative guide to no-cry sleep techniques.  Elizabeth Pantley has also written The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers and The No-Cry Nap Solution.

   From The No-Cry Sleep Solution:

    --“My children have taught me how very quickly babyhood passes.  I struggle now to remember the difficulties of those first couple years, as they are so fleeting.  And I am proud that I didn’t cave in to the pressures of others around us; instead following my heart as I gently nurtured all of my babies.  That time has passed for us, but those memories remain.”

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