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Monday June 20, 2016 - Week #897

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In Silent Service

I started seeing this guy eight months ago. Despite numerous arguments we care for each other deeply. He has become my best friend. He's 100 percent reliable and always listens to what I say.

His bad points are he is impatient, moody and has high expectations of me. If I disappoint him, he becomes irate and broods in silence, but he never screams at me or unloads his anger…continue reading

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New Every Wednesday

- A Trick Of Memory -

Two years ago my husband of 20 years left me and our children. Three months later the legal divorce was a done deal. Seven days after the divorce, he and the woman he left our family for were in a wreck…continue reading

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Cheating In A Nutshell

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A preview of Wayne & Tamara's new book about infidelity. The tentative title of the book is Cheating In A Nutshellcontinue reading