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   Articles - a selection of articles by Wayne & Tamara

Open Letter to a Therapist

I am a child therapist interested in beginning relationship work. . .

When You Marry For A Reason Other Than Love
Wayne & Tamara write about finding the one for you...



Dealing with impossible people? Wayne & Tamara suggest a book and illustrate their point with answers to four letters from readers.

The choices young Hillary Clinton faced are the choices faced by every young woman.... and so are the consequences.


The Artist's Eye

For many people, the key to finding the right person is becoming a student of great relationships...

A sampling of recommended books

  Being an Adult Child of an   Alcoholic (ACoA) isn't   something you catch, like   the flu. It's about child   abuse...

BAN - the Beyond Affairs Network

A few comments on the history of this group...



Male Masturbation, a Primer for Women
(Why many women just don't understand)


Diana, Charles, and
What Love Has To Do With It


What is the difference between like and love?

Wayne and Tamara answer a question they are asked again and again....


















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